A final year nursing student helped a woman unexpectedly deliver a healthy baby inside a Chegutu-bound Tombs Motorways bus as other travellers also gave a hand as the special moment unfolded.

All that the fourth year student had at her disposal upon asking other travellers was a razor blade and a peg and she improvised.

The bus was travelling from Johannesburg when Liznet Takura experienced labour pains that intensified just after Chachacha, 24km South East of Shurugwi along the Beitbridge road.

The driver tried to speed, but no amount of “distance over time” could help as Takura’s water broke. As such, the only option was to help her give birth in the bus. One of the passengers who was overwhelmed by the incident Boyd.

Dube said initially people didn’t take Takura seriously.

“When she complained of pains, people didn’t take her seriously until the time when she began screaming,” he said.

“Fortunately, there was a student nurse in the bus and she volunteered to check how far she was from delivering,” he added.

It eventually became a women’s affair as others on the bus created a makeshift maternity room instructing all men to move to the front part of the bus and clothes were used as curtains.

“It happened very fast. Within a few minutes the child was in the world and it was wrapped with clothes. The umbilical cord was tied with a peg,” said a source.

They proceeded with their journey; the mother and son were eventually taken to Chivi hospital where they were admitted.One of the bus drivers confirmed the incident, singing praises to the student nurse who saved the woman’s life.

“If that nurse was not in the bus I do not know what could have happened because we were not near any hospital or clinics.”

Efforts to get a comment from Takura were fruitless as her phone was not reachable.



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