The death of one Sekuru Muswere of St Mary’s house number 1263 has left the family divided.

The dispute, which has spilled to the courts, started after the late Sekuru Muswere’s relatives demanded that his body be taken to Rusape were he originally comes from while others want him laid to rest in Mhondoro where he had constructed his new home where his in-laws come from.

It is claimed two graves have been dug, on in Rusape and another Mhondoro for Sekuru Muswere’s final resting place.

Sekuru Muswere’s wife was not present when H-Metro visited their house while there were debates among family members.

“Right now, in Rusape they are digging a grave for him same as in Mhondoro.

Moto wakatobatidzwa kwese kuri two. Hameno kuti vachaita sei.

Mukadzi wacho anotonga, vana havana kana neremuromo saka hapana zvavangakwanise kutaura,” said a neighbour.

However, there were many versions to the story.

The Musweres were saying their relatives had gone to the Harare Magistrates courts to resolve the issue while Rebecca’s family said they had gone to the funeral parlour to collect the body.


“Muswere was living in Mhondoro with his in-laws and that’s where the problem emanated. Now they want to take his body back for what?,” said a disgruntled Muswera family member.

“Anga asina kurambana nemukadzi wake asi aigara kumusha kwana vatezvara,” the source said.

Another source who spoke to H-Metro said the funeral had taken long and they don’t think it would be resolved anytime soon.

“He was staying in Mhondoro while his wife was staying at his St Mary’s house with his five children.

“He comes from Rusape and his family wants him to be buried there whilst his wife wants him to be buried at his Mhondoro homestead.

“The wrangle has been going on for the past six days. Atori ma1 hakuna chinobuda apa.

“What has been happening is that when one part went to the funeral parlour the other part would follow to block those that had gone to collect the body.

“Officials at the parlour told them to solve their differences and come back when they had resolved their issues,” another source said.

The family members told H-Metro to stick around and see that they indeed had resolved their differences since the body was on its way.

“You are wasting your time. We are very much okay. Hapana chiri kunetsa apa. If you think we are lying wait by 6pm the body will be here but we don’t know if we will be able to take it to Mhondoro tonight or he will lie in his house tonight,” said a family member.

“Whoever told you those lies is up to something.

“They want to divide this family. It is a family issue don’t publish it. said one sekuru Bhonzo who is believed to be the deceased’s son.”

By late last night there was still a standoff between the two parties.



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