DRAMA As Deceased Loan Shark’s Relatives FIGHT Over Trunk Of Money & House Keys

The funeral wake of a Gwanda couple suspected to have been among the people who perished at the West Nicholson bus accident quickly turned into a war zone as their two families got into a fierce fight over a trunk known to have cash and a newly built house’s keys.

DRAMA As Deceased Loan Shark’s Relatives FIGHT Over Trunk Of Money & House Keys

The couple Melusi Nyoni and Thenjiwe Sibanda were loan sharks. However when the two families got to the couples homestead, they found the cash trunk empty resulting in an exchange of harsh words.

Following threats from some of Sibanda family members, Nyoni’s parents decided to boycott the funeral gathering.

According to local paper Bmetro, at the couple’s homestead, only Sibanda’s relatives were gathered there now.

Nyoni’s mother narrated the whole ordeal.

“My son and his wife have been staying together for more than 10 years. On the day we got sad news, we travelled to their home.

“When we got to my son’s matrimonial home, our daughter-in-law’s brother started shouting at us and threatened to axe us again. Realising we were not welcome at the funeral gathering, we returned home and reported the matter to headman Sicelo Sibanda,” narrated

On the other hand, Sibanda’s relatives revealed that the main cause of the misunderstanding is the cash trunk and house keys.

“It is so sad that in this whole terrible incident, some people are only worried about money and this newly built house. What if the two did not die since we are still waiting for confirmation.

“We never chased them away, but they just left after we refused to give them house keys as they insisted they needed a cash box which was inside:’ said Sibanda’s aunt Christine Maphosa.

It also emerged that the couple had taken all the money from the cash box as they had travelled to buy property for their newly built house.

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