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Drama as COVID-19 victim is buried with smuggled bags – Video

COVID-19 Update: 5 perish in one day as cases shoot up to 982

There was drama at the burial of a Coronavirus victim after family members of the deceased buried the body with four bags containing goods that were smuggled and destined to the funeral service company driver’s client thinking they belonged to their departed person.

According to reports, the driver was sleeping during the funeral service and the relatives saw the bags and put them together in the grave according to their tradition.

When the driver woke up, he realized what was happening and quickly stopped the burial process and retrieved the bags. Zimbabweans in South Africa have been using funeral assurance companies and cross border drivers to smuggle goods to their relatives in Zimbabwe.

One cross border driver recorded audio explaining that the sharp increase of Coronavirus cases was contributed also by the smuggling of goods that come in contact with infected dead bodies.


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