Dr Malinga Torches Storm With New Video

Dr Malinga Torches Storm With New Video

He is known for his signature move of kicking high into the sky – but this time, some people are saying he’s kicked up too much dust for their liking! Dr. Malinga’s latest video sees him kicking it with the dead on a song featuring DJ Rtex & Beat Movement.

Dr Malinga Torches Storm With New Video

Dr. Malinga’s new song Ngiyolala Ngifile, meaning “over my dead body”, was shot at the Kanana Cemetery in Hammanskraal, Tshwane.

Graves and tombstones are seen in the background while they dance and sing.

Dr. Malinga said the video just complements his song and nothing more.

“He must cancel this video. That’s so disrespectful to our African culture.”

“People criticize everything. Some people who’re buried there are lonely and neglected so my visit there was important,” he said.

He said when funeral parlours and businesses go there and shoot adverts, no one says anything.

“During some funerals music is played. People mustn’t fear death because of my video,” he said.

On Twitter, King George wrote: “No no, no! Malinga must be reprimanded.

“That’s disrespectful. Not on graves.

“He must cancel this video. That’s so disrespectful to our African culture.”

Black Pain wrote: “I wonder what’s next since he reached maximum points.”
De Soussa wrote: “Nonsense! Malinga is trying too hard!”
Cultural expert Maiteko Mabe said in the African context a cemetery is a place of mourning and silence.

That place must be left in peace,” he said.

“That’s why deceased people are not buried in yards anymore.

They have their silent places such as the cemetery so they are not disturbed.”

He said musicians, artists and homeless people who live among the dead, or are loud, must be condemned.

City of Tshwane spokesman Lindela Mashigo said he doesn’t remember ever receiving a request from Dr. Malinga to use the cemetery.

“He might have done it through someone,” he said.

“I don’t recall granting permission for such a request.”

Watch the video below:

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