Musician Allan Chimbetu concedes the majority of artistes are struggling to make ends meet but insists their Dendera genre won’t die, writes TRUST KHOSA.


The 46-year-old says it remains his responsibility is to guide fellow Chimbetus of song to ensure there is continuity in the genre. To date, the four Chimbetus of song – Allan, Suluman, Douglas and Tryson – appears to be finding the going tough but still remains in the game, where they are enduring stiff competition.

Allan, who doubles as a hustler, seems to be ‘blowing hot and cold’ while his son Douglas Chimbetu’s marital woes, appear to have taken their toll on him. For Tryson, who was once tipped as the most vocally talented crooner among the Chimbetus, it appears off stage antics have had an impact on him.

In the case of Sulu, his marital woes and court cases appears to have also affected him even though he remains vigilant.

With the situation on ground reflecting the rough patch the quartet is trudging on, the 46-year-old assures dendera lovers not to despair.

“Well, I don’t believe in those who are saying dendera music will die because I am still there doing my best to preserve the genre.

“Right now, there are four of us (Allan, Tryson, Douglas and Sulu) doing the same genre and that alone doesn’t mean that the appeal of the genre has deteriorated.

“Fans need to understand that we are singing for them and we will continue giving them quality music.

“As part of our 2018 resolutions like we indicated, we haven’t stopped holding shows and this weekend, we have more shows lined up.

“On Friday, we are billed to perform at East Point with another show slated for Liquids Sports Bar in Katanga in Norton while the third show will be held on Sunday at Unfresh, formerly Njere (Mbare Joy Centre),” says Allan.

The Orchestra Dendera Kings (Central Committee) boss says all the Chimbetus of song have remained firm and resolute.

“I have been following stories in the press where nearly these guys have been caught on off side but I would like to assume that it’s part of growing up.

“In life, we all make mistakes and people need to understand each one of us who is into mainstream music.

“There have been plenty of such cases like drug abuse, women and court cases but I simply take it as part of growing up.

“My advice to Sulu is for him to remain strong since every man goes through such a rough patch at some point.

“As for Tryson, I think he has learnt from his mistakes while Douglas needs to pick himself up and do the right thing expected of him.”


With innovation a key area in showbiz, Allan says they will not turn a blind eye on the new wave.

“We are very much aware that the sound and everything in showbiz is evolving with each passing day and I’m glad that my son and nephews have also taken note of those changes.

“If you have listened to my latest single – Mudzimai Akarongeka – recorded at MTM Studios by DJ Tamuka, one will notice the changes and how I have embraced technology.

“On Friday, I will be sampling it at East Point (formerly Jazz105) where I will meet old new dendera fans.”

Allan swears the Dendera brand won’t die as long as he is alive to guide youngsters.

“The foundation has been laid and the youngsters know who to look up to each time they need advice and in my case, I have always done my best to ensure we all (Allan, Tryson, Douglas and Sulu) remain relevant.

“We are also available on social networks and we are going to boost our visibility on social networks,” says the soft spoken Allan.



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