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Down Again! TB Growns Paradzai Mesi

Down Again! TB Growns Paradzai Mesi

CHIBHANGUZA Promotions boss Sylvester Chibhanguza recently donated groceries to ailing sungura musician Paradzai Mesi in Glendale. Mesi is down with tuberculosis.

His situation was reportedly dire, with some saying he was bedridden and with no food for his family during lockdown. It took music promoter Chibhanguza’s efforts to help the sungura artiste after learning about his condition and predicament.

Chibhanguza and his team then traveled to Glendale where they met the singer, who was struggling to make ends meet like most of his peers at the compound.

However, Mesi tested negative to HIV and cancer. The Njerama Boys leader told H-Metro that he had quit beer and smoking to save his life after being diagnosed with TB.

Handing over the goods, Chibhanguza said: “On behalf of Chibanguza Promotions, I have come to see you after hearing that Paradzai Mesi has been feeling ill for a while,” he said. “With this Covid-19 pandemic lockdown that has left every artiste with nothing, we have decided not to come empty-handed.

“We have therefore decided to come with this little relief of 20kgs of sugar, 20kgs of mealie-meal, 10kgs salt, a carton of soap, 12 litres of Mazoe Orange Crush, eight by two litres of cooking oil, some mixed chicken portions and bread for breakfast.

Down Again! TB Growns Paradzai Mesi

“We did not come to donate to you but to see you because you make us work. Artistes employ entertainment businesses like Chibhanguza night clubs in Zengeza 2, in Chitugwiza, so we must help you.

“As we promised before at the launch of Chenjera Kukangira Pakatsvira Dzimwe album launch in Harare last year, we are here to help you out,” he said.

Chibhanguza said he would engage Mesi for live shows once he recovers. “Now that we have finished setting up a new open-air entertainment centre with butchery in Nyatsime, we are now mobilising help for whole bands with their monthly food hampers as the lockdown period has been extended indefinitely.

“As other promoters, corporates and Government, we are going to stand firm for them (vulnerable artistes) like what Impala Car Rentals and its boss Mr Thompson Dondo are doing. “He (Dondo) does not own a night club, but he is genuinely helping and promoting artistes and staging festivals in Europe, flying artistes from across Africa, and that is not a joke I tell you.

“Definitely, Mr Dondo’s dream of seeing all artistes prosper will come true only if we follow suit. “These artistes are in need of food, rates and rentals during the Covid-19 lockdown,” he said. Chibhanguza also said he would not abandon Mesi in trying times.

“Handingamude Paradzai Mesi pandinoda kuti aite show chete no, munhamo nematambudziko tino-fanira kubatsirana uye nguva yatiri ino yelockdown mumwe wako akaita dambudziko ndipo paunofanira kuratidza rudo nekuti vazhinji vedu takaomerwa vaimbi havasi kuita mashows isuwo seana promot-ers hatisi kuita mashows so kwa-kutoedza nepadiki patinapo kuti tiyamurane tiwane kurarama tose,” he added. Mesi said he was humbled by the support he was receiving.

He vowed to put the donations he received to good use. “May God bless you during such trying times Mr Chibhanguza, because to be remembered or helped in this era is as good as being raised from the dead.

“Of course I am still in pain, but I am already taking TB medication because I have not been feeling well for more than a year, and it was in January 2o20 when I decided to go to Concession Clinic. “At the clinic, I was tested and found with TB and that is when I started taking medication.

I am recovering, but I have no appetite and all my body’s joints, from toes, feet, knees, fingers, elbows, shoulders, are so painful, but I am feeling that I am recovering for real,” he said.

On his message to Zimbabweans and his fans at a time he is unwell, Mesi said: “We need to conduct regular med-ical check-ups before we get seriously ill.

“Do not take time your time before being examined medically as was the case with me. “Visiting Concession Clinic saved my life as I found that I had TB, and I am now on medication,” he said. Mesi also shared his views on Covid-19 pandemic and the extended lockdown.

“I have good news to my fans who often complained that beer was my main problem. “I have stopped drinking beer and smoking. I just pray that God helps me to never ever go back to this very bad culture in my life again, ndakungonwa tea nema drinks chete for life.

“On coronavirus, it is there for real, never fool each other until you witness it when it attacks your child, relative or friend.

“Covid-19 has no medication as of now except to prevent it through the way the health authorities’ and regulations say, mostly like staying away from crowds, putting on masks and frequently washing your hands with running water,” he said.

He also warned people who are breathing lockdown rules. “Vanhu chenjerai kukangira pakatsvira dzimwe, do not go out. “Covid-19 has infected and get killed many people worldwide. “We don’t want that to happen here. We are lucky as Africans because it started from those with riches; a sign that God loves Africa more than any part of this world.

“So let us reciprocate by obeying what the WHO and our health author-ities are urging us to do in curbing the spread of Covid-19,” he said.

Mesi also spoke about his music plans as well. “My son, Willis Mesi, is running a tuckshop business, but the whole band is locked down at their respective homes, as I am, to curb the Covid-19 pandemic.

“The band members are, however, rehearsing on their own ahead of the recording of our six track album that I must finish soon after recovering.

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