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Don’t Drive Your Vehicle If It Doesn’t Have Number Plates

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Don’t Drive Your Vehicle If It Doesn’t Have Number Plates

Police will tomorrow start impounding vehicles that do not display number plates.

In a statement, Staff Officer to the Commissioner General and Chief Superintendent Blessing Chishaka said they will intensify all efforts to deal with unregistered vehicles.

“Effective 15th January 2022, the Zimbabwe Republic Police will embark on an operation targeting plateless, unregistered and unlicensed vehicles in order to bring some semblance of order on our roads and reduce incidents of crime.

“In this regard, all vehicles that do not display either standard number plates or Temporary Identification Cards (TICs) will be impounded and processed through referral to courts and payment of fines,” said Chief Superintendent Chishaka. He said police were concerned about the flouting of road traffic regulations.

“The Zimbabwe Republic Police is deeply concerned with the deliberate disregard of road traffic regulations by drivers of unregistered and plateless motor vehicles. The same vehicles are also being used to commit crimes such as robberies, murder, kidnapping, rape and other heinous crimes. In order to tame this wanton disregard of traffic laws, and the continued commission of crimes by drivers and criminals who use unregistered and plateless vehicles, the Zimbabwe Republic Police will escalate operations to bring this scourge to an end,” he said.

Police have also warned commuters against boarding unregistered vehicles as they risk being robbed, murdered or raped.

“We are, therefore, appealing to motorists and the general public to cooperate as we embark on this operation meant to bring sanity on our roads and to curb heinous crimes being committed by unscrupulous elements in society.

“Those with a penchant for committing crimes are warned that we will deal decisively with them and the full wrath of the law will take its course.”

In other news,

Pictures Produced in Prophet T Freddy Rape Trial

The trial of rape-accused Goodness and Mercy Ministries leader, Prophet Tapiwa Freddy, continued yesterday with his lawyer producing nude pictures which were allegedly sent to him by the complainant.

Nude Pictures Produced in Prophet T Freddy Rape Trial
Prophet Tapiwa Freddy (centre)

Freddy’s lawyer, Everson Chatambudza, was cross-examining the complainant when he produced pictures of the complainant in a tub.

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