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‘Don’t chase away drug abuser kids’

Inside Harare’s drug syndicates

‘Don’t chase away drug abuser kids’

Child rights experts have urged parents to stop chasing away their children away from home after discovering that they are abusing drugs.

This comes after several reports have indicated that there is an increase of drug abuse among the youths and parents reportedly chase away their children upon discovering they are abusing the drugs.

Justice for Children’s Trust (JCT) programmes manager John Mhlanga said when parents chase away children from the home it does not help those children to get better.

“We always sensitise parents on how they should handle these cases. Since some children are chased away from home, it is not in the best interest of the child, because it will increase the number of children abusing drugs,” said Mhlanga.

He added: “One of the rights of children is to live within a family, so the moment a parent chases away a child because he/she has abused drugs then it means they have violated the Constitution.

They should look for solutions which are in the best interests of the child. Parents have a responsibility to ensure that they deal with that problem of drug abuse without abandoning the child or making it worse for the child.”

According to Youth by Youths programmes officer Charity Chaturuka, when parents have discovered that their child is abusing drugs, they have a huge role to play in making sure that the child returns to normalcy.

“Family support is the first point of support. If the parents chase away the children because they are taking drugs, whom do they expect the child to live with?

“Another issue is that right now we have a popular drug called mutoriro. It’s a new drug and it’s a very dangerous drug.

In most instances if a child takes it just for one day, they can immediately go mad. Mutoriro can also make one spend three days without sleeping, and being violent.

So, in such a scenario parents usually send the child to church to be prayed for because they will be saying their child has demons but the truth is such a child will be abusing drugs.

Parents should not be shocked to see a child doing weird things out of nowhere. They should know about the effects of these drugs so that they properly assist their children,” said Chaturuka.

She urged the community to report cases of drug abuse and to help parents who might have a child suffering from drug abuse.

“These children don’t even understand the things they take. Peer pressure leads them to take these drugs.

Information is lacking on the drugs that they are taking. Parents also don’t have the information on these drugs, so it’s also important for information on the effects of drugs to be widely disseminated.”

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