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DJ Towers reveals why he blocked Mimie Moana

DJ towers is one hell of a character. The things he does are just crazy and out of this world. He is always involved in controversies and scandals.

Recently he made headlines after he admitted to doing [email protected]@ting.

The controversial self-proclaimed leader of new school Zim hip-hop DJ Towers has finally responded to rumours that were circulating on social media some few days ago that he [email protected] The always happy and hilarious human being admitted to doing the act in a video that has gone viral.

There other people who declared him the king of B00TY licking. The veteran DJ has been called out by Facebook keyboard warriors as a B00TTY licker. The Zimhip-hop producer has been on a number of celebrities radar where he befriends them in order for him to make money.

But all these things don’t seem to bother him. Instead, he keeps making more headlines in controversy too. His latest video he is explaining why he blocked the beautiful Mimie Moana who is a favourite to many Zimbabweans especially men.

Dj Towers claims that he blocked Moana on his Social media platforms because she does sexxy things that he apparently hates. Check the video below as he explains

Source | MbareTimes

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