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DJ Tamuka speaks on new studio

Exq and DJ Tamuka ZIMETRO

DJ Tamuka speaks on the new studio

Popular music producer, DJ Tamuka, has revealed that his recent open studio Mushroom offers a wide range of services.

Exq and DJ Tamuka ZIMETRO

Besides recordings, said the producer, Mushroom is also into printing and events management among other services.

He said the Granite side located studio is a joint venture with fellow artiste ExQ and Nash Paints is not part of it as is being circulated by rumors.

He added that the studio has been there for a while now but only commenced recordings a month ago and its prime business is to do corporate recordings.

“The studio is part of a media house, we are focusing more on the commercial side of things, corporates and the likes.

“Yes we are going to be recording artistes but that is not the prime business of the studio.

“The media house deals with many other things like events, printing among others.

“It is a joint thing with Ex Q and not Nash Paints,” said Tamuka.

Tamuka said people have a misconception of the relationship and structure between him and MTM as well as Jah Prayzah, dismissing reports of a fall out between him and the mentioned parties.

“People are taking this the wrong way, what I did is just like having my own bedroom studio, it’s like my side hustle.

“I still attend to MTM and Jah Prayzah business when needed.

“I have a time table that I work around between my personal business and MTM and Jah Prayzah business.

“As we speak I am on my way to JP studios to work on the album,

“There is no bad blood between me and Jah and we still meet and have fun together.” he added.

He revealed that they already have a number of clients and so far it’s been a good start to the business.


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