Home Celebs DJ Prince Kaybee To Pay Lobola For His Girlfriend Zola Mhlongo

DJ Prince Kaybee To Pay Lobola For His Girlfriend Zola Mhlongo

DJ Prince Kaybee To Pay Lobola For His Girlfriend Zola Mhlongo

Over the weekend Zola Mhlongo decided to break the internet by posting a snap-in s.e.xy pink lingerie, showing off her beautiful body and she looked hella HOT.

Zola captioned the snap “Care for the body you have today, there’s not a version anymore worthy,” and it left many salivating and complementing her looks, but her bae made sure to remind many that she off the market.

Prince Kaybee could not stop gushing over her beauty and replied to her post with a picture suggesting a hot intimate scene.

Many even suspected that his account has been hacked, but he confirmed that he was the one tweeting. The snap left fans making suggestions that he must cuff her because she is a full package.

A fan asked the DJ why is he not dressing his bae in the makoti attire, brides usually wear during their lobola negotiations, Prince Kaybee replied and said SOON.

It is no secret that Zola Mhlongo is blessed with both beauty and brains. She is an all-round entertainer who has carved out a remarkable career in radio.

The beauty has clearly left Prince Kaybee in awe and he now wants to take their relationship to the next level by making sure that he calls his uncles to do the right thing. The couple constantly melts the social media streets with beautiful tweets letting us into their love.

They recently confirmed their relationship after years of speculation. This follows after Prince Kaybee invited her to come and cook for him instead of fantasizing about being a neighbors with Alicia Keys and her husband, Swizz Beats. This has many concluding that the two are indeed dating. Recently Zola thanked the DJ as she was gearing up to drop a new single under Prince Kaybee’s record label Lowkey Records.

This follows after Prince Kaybee shared a snippet of it and said he is proud of her, proving that her bae is a workaholic. Replying to his post Zola said “Closer to my dreams this means a lot Billion and I am utterly blessed with your continued support. I am going to make you so proud!!

We cannot wait to see Prince Kaybee cuffing her by paying lobola and they already make such a cute couple.

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