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DJ Liz particular about who holds her child

DJ Liz particular about who holds her child

It’s been eight months since the birth of her daughter Taliah Owami and Zimbabwe’s DJ Liz says she is very particular about who gets to hold her child as she fears for her during the Covid-19 pandemic.

And her fear is justified as children are at risk of infection as their immune system is susceptible to contracting diseases. Besides Covid-19 which has no vaccine as yet, it is better to take a safe than sorry approach with children.

DJ Liz, who rose to fame after playing at the popular Hartsfield Tshisa Nyama has traded juggling which song to throw next on her mixer to juggling being a mother during such trying times under Covid-19.

The Bulawayo-based DJ who has shared the stage with DJ Zinhle, Black Motion, Babes Wodumo and Black Coffee said she was taking the disease that has killed over 700 000 people globally, very seriously.

“Covid took us all by surprise and when it began, most people didn’t take it seriously. I’d recently given birth so for me, it wasn’t something I took as joke.

“Being a mom, you fear a lot, besides corona, any sickness when you have a small child is scary. It hasn’t been easy to deal with or being able to have a normal life.

“People always think I’m being funny or snobbish when they want to hold my daughter and I refuse,” said DJ Liz.

She said her overprotective nature was instinctive to any mother.

“Truth is any mom would do the same. Small babies are at risk because their immune system is not as strong hence all mothers should be very careful and try to keep the small ones safe as possible.

“My fear is seeing a lot people getting affected by Corona. It’s not easy losing a loved one hence I urge people to try as much as they can to keep safe.”

In any global crisis, access to health care, especially for women and mothers with babies is a challenge because of the risk involved. In Zimbabwe, public hospitals have been affected by the Covid-19 with a number of frontline workers being infected by the virus. This has caused some members of the public to be afraid to seek medical help there. Fortunately for DJ Liz whose child is due for her nine-month injection, will be visiting a private institution.

To show how real the coronavirus is, DJ Liz said a couple of people she knows have contracted it.

“I’ve been talking to a few friends that have since recovered. Most of them say the virus is mental, if you allow it, it takes over your system. They said understanding it and also knowing how to deal with it is the best way out.”

But in all this, it has not been easy for the artiste who relies on her deejaying career as public gatherings and entertainment outlets remain closed. Like many women in Zimbabwe, DJ Liz is bearing the brunt of the pandemic as she cannot use her talent to fend for her child.

Although her main source of income has been taken away, luckily, she has a fall back plan, a shop that sells clothes which has been supplementing her income.

Asked why she has not done lockdown parties like her international counterparts, especially DJ Zinhle who inspires her, she said they were good for the brand, but bad for the pocket.

“Most DJs tried doing live sets, but that didn’t last long because it doesn’t pay. It helps building a brand, but doing those live sets is an expense. So I’ve been putting my energy into pushing side hustles like my clothing shop.

“But, it’s still not easy because restocking has become difficult too due to the pandemic.”

Hopefully, DJ Liz said when the Covid-19 storm blows over, she will go back to what she loves the most and what pays her bills.

As a parting shot, she said: “Corona is real. People need to take it seriously and make sure they take all necessary measures and precautions. But mostly, stay at home, it’s safer that way.”

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