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Dj Bashed Over Affair With Married Woman

Dj Bashed Over Affair With Married Woman

Dj Bashed Over Affair With Married Woman

A DZIVARESEKWA based club wheel spinner was on Monday left nursing injuries after he was given thorough hiding for caressing a truck driver’s wife in her matrimonial bedroom.

Dj Bashed Over Affair With Married Woman

Blessing Lunga was saved from a further beating by the truck driver, only identified as Baba Tino, and residents after police quickly moved in and dispersed the crowd baying for the disc jockey’s blood.

The entertainer sustained head injuries and a swollen right eye, and his wife was called to the scene by some ghetto youths who sympathized with him.


However, tables turned against Baba Tino, who was arrested for violating national lock-down rules. Chief among them is the gathering of people to mete instant justice to the wheel-spinner, thereby failing to observe social distancing.


Dj Bashed Over Affair With Married Woman

He was released after being fined and some counseling, but was still heart-broken.

Baba Tino said he experienced a double blow after catching his wife with Lunga in his matrimonial bedroom and being fined for violating national lockdown measures.

“Lunga is the one who violated national lock-down by leaving his house to seduce my wife after he learned that I had left for work,” said Baba Tino.

“I could have furnished you with more information pertaining to the contents of love messages I discovered in my wife’s mobile phone, but the police have turned the tables against me.

“It is better for you to go and talk to Lunga who violated national lockdown directives, I do not want to say much since the issue is now being handled by police said Baba Tino.

Lunga’s wife told H-Metro that she only witnessed the entertainer being escorted by police from the scene. She said she was being ordered to remain calm to avoid the commotion.

“To be honest with you, I was not shown the alleged love messages said to have been exchanged between my husband and the truck driver’s wife,” she said, refusing to identify herself.

“Police quickly warned me over making a scene and ordered me to go and collect my husband’s national identity card. “I never suspected my husband of cheating on me for the past three years we have been together and we are still to be blessed with children.

“He left home claiming that he was visiting his friend where he wanted to collect music discs, unaware that he was visiting a married woman.

Baba Tino sent a message around midnight to my husband saying the war is not yet over. “He came this morning (yesterday) to meet my husband and made further threats despite the case being handled by the police she added, begging H-Metro not to publish the story.

Lunga denied cheating with Mai Tino, arguing that she was in love with his friend. The DJ said his friend did not have a mobile phone and was using his to communicate with the truck driver’s wife. “It is true that I was caught with Mai Tino, but she is not my lover as alleged, she is in love

LUNGA’S wife

THE police and crowd at the scene of the incident

with one of my friends,” said Lunga. “My friend is the one who was using my mobile phone to communicate with Mai Tino since he is still to buy his own phone.

“Yes, I was attacked and police rescued me after they were quickly informed by my fans. “Usazondiburitsawo wangu pakaipa huya tisangane pandinoridzira pa Hub 24 izvezvi,” said Lunga.

Although Mai Tino could not be reached to give her side of the story, H-Metro saw her relatives along Leopold Takawira Street, where the incident took place, who had reportedly met to resolve the issue.

Baba Tino barred H-Metro from interviewing his wife.

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