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Disturbing Video Of Son Recording His Father Drowning

Disturbing Video Of Son Recording His Father Drowning

From the look of things, a child who recorded a video of his father drowning in a quarry dam may be traumatized for life after seeing his parent’s last moment on earth.

In a 2-minute video clip that is doing the rounds on social media, an unidentified young boy is recording his father as he jumps into the quarry dam.

As the video reaches the 1-minute mark, the visibly tired father is seen trying to get out of the dam as he attempts to find a grip on the rock to no avail. Meanwhile, the devastated son continuously calls his dad who eventually drowns.

However, the details regarding the exact location at which the devastating incident took place are still sketchy. Below is a video clip of a son recording his dying father:

In a separate video, the rescue team is seen retrieving the body of a man who attempted to swim in the blue waters. In case you missed the video, you can watch it below:

In the same vein, other social media users strongly believed the deceased was irresponsible and went on to bash him as others sympathized with him. Below are some of the remarks that they have left on the platform :

Mufaro Nyuke
But one can surely tell how deep it was from the dark sheds shame RIP young dad
Munashe Ndhlovu
And the child is even asking, how he was going to get out of there. It’s so heartbreaking

Christwishes Makahamadze
Sure, going into such deep waters. I felt scared when he got in. Poor judgement cost him his life. It’s very sad.
Walter Dzapasi
Maybe his elders never taught him to Look b4 u Leap
Lisah Tyras
He knew how to swim but I’m just thinking of something to hold his leg 😔

Maud Nyarugwe Hwaire
It happened here in Swaziland so sad that the little boy had to go through this. It’s a quarry dam, people drown there.


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