Disgraced Harare City Council Pulls Down Tweet After Backlash From Residents

The City of Harare has deleted its tweet announcing that it would use Aerial Unmanned Vehicles (AUVs) more popularly known as Drones in the council’s surveillance of residential areas to monitor adherence to city by-laws.

The tweet ignited backlash from Harare residents on Twitter who criticized for the city authorities for having misplaced priorities.

Others queried why the City was not using the same drone technology to detect potholes, uncollected refuse as well as many other glaring shortcomings by the city.

Some of the reactions to the tweet were crying about invasion of privacy.

In the Harare City Council’s latest bid to embrace technology, they had announced that they will begin using Aerial Unmanned Vehicles (AUVs) more popularly known as Drones for surveillance.

The Council posted a simple tweet outlining why they will be adopting the technology:

The deleted tweet said: “Harare City to use drone technology to identify illegal structures and activities at residential properties.

The Mayor also then denied that any such use of drone technology was planned, saying on Twitter: “Truth is no drones will be used they don’t have a role here , we simply must used Dev Control,that is policy and direction.”

Last year the City Council also announced a few interesting tech-based initiatives:

Traffic cameras coming to the CBD by 2019
An app for citizens to pay bills and lodge complaints
The Council decided to go paperless
Councilors demanding iPads!



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