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Designer makes breakthrough

Designer makes breakthrough

UK based model and fashionista Yvonne Yvette are making a good name following her successful facemasks designing initiative in the fight against Covid-19.

Following the project, she has earned an interview with BBC 3 Radio in the UK.

In an interview, Yvonne said she has been doing some charity work since the outbreak of Covid-19 as a way to help individuals who are on the frontlines.

“I was the first person who made face masks on this side that got me an interview with BBC 3 radio. About over a week ago.

“I managed to raise some funds to buy food hampers for less fortunate families affected by Covid-19 and the current lockdowns.

“I have managed to raise just over £1000.”

Yvonne said as a business one has to be socially responsible and give back to the community.

“So I decided to hand-make 30 wash bags for nurses and donated them to Kettering General Hospital.

“Frontliners have risked their lives for us so, I donated the bags as a thank you gift and in recent weeks I did a sponsored 30km run to raise funds to buy food hampers to feed the less fortunate families who have been affected by Corona Virus and the current lockdown.

“The only way was to come up with a homemade face mask because that’s my line of work, working with fabrics and came up with homemade masks.

“I wanted to be one of the people who can stand up and make a difference.

“In March I donated food humpers to feed 5 families through a foundation called ZIMROOTS.

“First thing was creating masks before anyone else thought of the idea and before the government here recommended them for the public.

“So as an individual I wanted to be part of the process to help combat the pandemic. So I came up with the idea of masks to help reduce the spread of the virus within the community,” she added.


She said she has experience in fabrics and it could not take much time to make them.

“I have more than 5 years of experience in fashion and fabrics, for me it’s a very easy job.

“Saving someone’s life is easy and I started making a mask in March and I have made more than 500.

“I realized that I can be actually be doing more to assist those who are on the frontline,” said Yvonne.

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