Demon possessed woman feasts on own blood


Demon possessed woman feasts on own blood

A Masvingo woman reportedly survived on her blood for two weeks as she refused to eat anything and all she wanted was to suck blood from her body.

Tatenda Ndoro who suspected that evil spirits had taken control of her life shocked her family when she started prickling herself with sharp objects so she could suck her blood.

During the time she was acting strange, she even refused to eat food and only survived on her blood and little water which they forced her to drink.

A source close to the family revealed that Tatenda’s behaviour frightened the whole family as she just started acting weird, leaving them confused over what was happening in her life.

“Tatenda has always been a mentally stable person, but we were shocked when she started acting in a strange manner.

“She was refusing to eat and only wanted to suck blood from her body. Realising that by not eating she was putting her life in danger, we used to force her to drink some water.

“She lived for two weeks without eating any food and only survived on blood and some water,” said the source.

Tatenda’s mother confirmed the reports saying they were forced to take her to Masvingo Hospital where she was admitted for days, but her condition never changed.

“Tatenda was admitted to Masvingo Hospital for days and since she was acting strangely, the doctors referred her to Ngomahuru Psychiatric Hospital.

“Fortunately, on the day we were supposed to leave there came this other church which was praying for patients and I asked them to pray for my daughter and she got healed,” said Mrs Ndoro.

For the first time after a fortnight, Tatenda had her first normal meal and she stopped sucking her blood.

Apostle Gabriel Cherubim of Living Work Global Ministries confirmed delivering Tatenda through prayer.

“We had gone to Masvingo Hospital to pray for the sick when we came across this woman who was very sick and the family was even failing to hold her.

“They told me that she was drinking her own blood and was not communicating with them, as she was using sign language which they did not even understand.

“Realising that she was demon possessed, I prayed for her and after five minutes asked them to give her food and since then she began acting normal again,” said Apostle Gabriel.