FORMER Dynamos captain Murape Murape believes the club must look for tangible solutions before they start pointing fingers.


His statements come at a time when there is speculation that former manager Richard Chihoro has cast a spell on the team while some are pointing fingers at the bungling executive for DeMbare’s woes.

Now coach Lloyd Mutasa looks set to suffer the consequences of a team that has drawn three and lost four league matches since the season started.

“For starters, with the way the Chihoro loves Dynamos, I don’t think he will be capable of doing such things.

“Those are just beliefs and they don’t work. No juju was used there, Dynamos are just having a bad run and any team can actually be in that position too,” Murape said.

“In football, juju does not work because if it actually does countries like Malawi and Nigeria should actually be the world cup giants. What works in football is talent and hard work.”

Murape, one of the longest serving players in the history of the club, said this is not new.

“These problems were always there, results were always there but people should fight to get out of trouble as soon as they get in it.

“It’s never always about the result but rather how you will handle it and make it part of the past,” he said.

The Dynamos technical team now has to win the next three games to save their jobs.

“For Dynamos to restore the glamour status they should put their heads together, everyone who is linked with the club, and give each other support.

“They should live by the motto ‘together we stand, divided we fall’ for them to be who they should be.

“Unity is all they need to prosper and take the team to a better position,” said Murape.

The former captain was once part of this technical team before he fell by the wayside as a result of the Zifa club licencing system that requires coaches in PSL to have CAF A licences.

“The players have to realise that they are the ones who are playing and they are also the ones that give us results.

“Representing Dynamos is not an easy task, it means you are carrying a huge burden on your shoulders and you should execute your expected roles without fail.

“Players are the ones who give us results, they should play for their career and they should put monetary issues aside. Focusing on playing well for the team to be praised not for self-praise,” he said.

There are many who believe that Murape Murape was the last real captain at DeMbare, with ability to inspire confidence in players and the fans.

“If they don’t have self-belief and confidence we will continue mourning. They should be really united.

They should know that every game is like the cup final, it’s never easy because every team wants a win against them and it needs united members.”

Murape believes there are better players at DeMbare than Denver Mukamba.

“Denver is not really that fit as some of the players at Dynamos and we also have better players than Denver.

“You saw what Denver did last Sunday, he delivered and that is what our players are lacking if they master that part then we are good to go.

“They should know that we have a young generation that should grow up knowing Dynamos as a power house and they are the ones who make this team a power house by delivering,” Murape said.

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