Deliwe Mutandiro Arrested For Masterminding Her Husband’s Murder


Deliwe Mutandiro Arrested for Masterminding Her Husband’s Murder

Deliwe Mutandiro Bobo, a Zimbabwean celebrity makeup artist, is believed to have been detained in connection with her husband’s death.

Deliwe was reportedly arrested for allegedly masterminding the murder of her husband, Gregory Bobo. She is suspected of murdering her husband and making it appear that he committed suicide.

Gregory’s body was discovered hanging from a small guava tree, leading many to believe he committed himself. However, following a thorough investigation, it was discovered that he was murdered rather than committed suicide.

On the fateful night, Deliwe is said to have gone to an erotic 90’s themed party without informing her now deceased husband.

Watch Deliwe dancing at the 90’s themed party before her husband’s death.

Gregory is alleged to have followed her at the party and an altercation ensued between them at the party until they got home.

Details as to what happened after the party are still sketchy. However, a source who spoke on condition of anonymity claims to have heard Deliwe and Gregory fight when they got home. The source said the fight may have led to the death of Gregory.

Meanwhile, rumours circulating allege that Deliwe teamed up with a friend to assault her husband before he died.

After noticing that he was dead, she is alleged to have taken her husband’s body and hung it on a small guava tree with a tie to make it look like a suicide.

ZiMetro, however, awaits the full police report and will make an update based on that report, stay tuned!

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