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Death at a Funeral! Man gets knifed by thugs during murdered friend’s funeral


Death at a Funeral! Man gets knifed by thugs during murdered friend’s funeral

A 27-YEAR-OLD man from Bulawayo’s Mabutweni suburb was allegedly killed during a funeral wake of another man who was allegedly murdered in the same suburb last week.


Thulani Ntini was allegedly killed yesterday morning by three assailants who have since been arrested.

Ntini is said to have been killed while he was at the funeral wake of Spencer Mpofu.

Mpofu, who was in his 30s, died after allegedly being stabbed by his neighbour Sdodo Ncube who is on the run, last Wednesday at about 4PM.

Ncube allegedly stabbed Mpofu when he informed him that his wife was having extra marital affairs at the shops in the suburb.

Thulani attended Mpofu’s funeral but ended up also being killed. His brother Mr Kholwani Ntini said it felt strange and shocking for his brother to be killed at a funeral.

“I left him at a funeral wake at about midnight and this morning at about 5AM his friends knocked at my door carrying his body. I quizzed them on what could have happened but no one could give me a clear answer. They just said three people assaulted him,” said Mr Ntini.

“I’m still at a loss for words regarding what happened. He was killed while attending a funeral wake just two blocks away from here, where someone was also killed. It confuses me that he was killed at a funeral wake.”

He said police have since arrested the three people in connection with his brother’s death.

Mr Ntini said his brother did not have any visible scar.

Spencer’s father who was identified only as Mr Mpofu however claimed that Thulani died after leaving his house.

“These young boys were drinking beer here before we told them to leave our home because they were becoming a nuisance. They were seen chasing each other and we later heard that one of them had been killed. But he wasn’t killed in my home,” said Mr Mpofu.

The area’s councillor Lot Siziba bemoaned the continued loss of lives in a violent manner.

Clr Siziba said alcohol abuse and overcrowding were contributing to crime in the area.

“We needlessly lost two youthful people because some people could not restrain themselves after drinking beer. I want to urge people not to lose themselves while trying to enjoy themselves. Also this suburb is densely populated yet it has very small houses. You can be surprised that each house can have up to 14 occupants,” said Clr Siziba.

He said the council should come up with ways of de-populating the suburb.


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