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Dead woman in Harare CBD left overnight uncollected

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A yet to be identified woman died yesterday and her body reportedly spent the night on the street along Samora Machel avenue, ZimEye reports.

According to a source, the woman died yesterday between 4th and 5th street along Samora Machel Avenue, but the corpse is yet to be collected.

Said the source:

“There is a woman who is dead along Samora Machel Avenue, between 4th and 5th streets in Harare since yesterday. Even the police are just passing and not doing anything to remove her body. She has been on the ground dead since yesterday.

There is 1 police man standing metres away. She is currently under a tree. From a distance, one can see that she was putting on a green wrapping cloth, Zambia. There were two men who were also seated under that tree as well.”

Added the source:

“I just saw a white twin cab arrive at the scene, a guy sprayed the lady with some substance, jumped in the car and left. They didn’t carry the body.”

This is a developing story…

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