Home LOCAL NEWS Daring Zim Preacher Challenges Satanic Church Leaders

Daring Zim Preacher Challenges Satanic Church Leaders

Daring Zim Preacher Challenges Satanic Church Leaders

Controversial Zimbabwean cleric Isaac Makomichi, has reportedly received threats from leaders of the satanic church in South Africa.

Last week the controversial preacher threatened to use his “spiritual powers” to destroy the church.

Makomichi claimed he received the threats on his social media accounts. Makomichi is the leader of Calvary Prayer Group.

” Do you have the powers to defeat us?” A member of the church allegedly asked the preacher.

“Some prophets are our agents, so don’t waste your time,” another member of the church reportedly wrote on social media.

One of the satanic church elders also allegedly wrote :

” We advise Zimbabwean prophet, Isaac Makomichi to mind his own business or he can join us. He cannot fight us as we are working with more than 50 prophets in his country,he must keep quite for his own good.”

Makomichi responded:
“I’m not afraid of them, they are sending me direct messages to my Twitter asking me to keep quite.

Pastors must unite and destroy that satanic sect.”

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