THERE was drama during the Dancers Association of Zimbabwe (DAZ) awards ceremony last week at City Sports Bar when female dancers ganged up against their chairperson Paddington Japajapa, accusing him of being a sex pest.


More than five dancers including Beverly Sibanda confronted Japajapa in the midst of the awards ceremony, shouting at him expressing their displeasure with his habit.

They claimed his involvement with dancers is only for sx and his sxual cravings towards dancers have reached an alarming stage.

Bev said Japajapa proposed love to her and when she turned him down, he went on to approach her two dancers taking advantage of their vulnerability.

Japajapa, who claims to be an evangelist, is said to be targeting dancers around late hours when they are stranded looking for transport to go to their respective homes.


He would offer them transport to go home after shows for sexual favours.

“We are tired of your behaviour Japajapa. Uri munhu mukuru. You pretend as if you want to support dancers but we all know that you are after sx.

“After I turned your proposal down, you went on to approach two of my dancers and you went with one of them to her house,” shouted Bev.

“This man (Japajapa) should grow up, he sends me his nudes pictures trying to lure me for sx and we have realised that he is doing that to several dancers and nhasi tavawana pano. Toda kuvaudza chokwadi.

“Look at this WhatsApp chat, it’s him talking to me pestering me,” said one of the dancers scrolling the messages to this reporter.

One of the dancers, Jestina Chimbizi, who once dated Japajapa, said her ex’s sxual desire is very high and he likes unprotected sx.

Jestina said despite the fact that they have separated, the ‘man of God’ seems to have unfinished business with her.

“His habit is very bad; I always had a problem with him when I was dating him. He likes unprotected SX but he has a habit of moving around sleeping with different dancers.

“Even now, he sends me his nudes. If he is disputing it, I can send you right now and they go into the public domain,” said Jestina confronting Japajapa who was hitting back.

As the noise continued, a number of dancers joined in, all confirming that they were being pestered by Japajapa. H-Metro, however, couldn’t ascertain the number of dancers who ‘fell prey’ to the alleged sx predator.

In what appeared to be a scorn to the mob of dancers, Japajapa shot back saying he had sx with ‘100 of them’

He countered the accusations saying it is rather the dancers who are after him because he is “too sweet”.

Knowing well that he is on camera speaking to H-Metro, Japajapa asked to give his side of the story.

“You were shouting all along, so now give me time to respond. H-Metro listen, these dancers are lying, they are rather pestering me because I’m too sweet. Yes I am sweet,” he said.

“I fuc*** 100 of them, they know it, so they are jealous. I have a big dic**, 20 inches; I am sweet,” said Japajapa.

He, however, did not dispute sending ND pictures to one of the dancers saying they were in love.

“We were in love, I sent her because she was my girlfriend. Everyone in love does that to their partners,” he said.