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Dancehall Superstar ‘Soul Jah Love’ dies

Born Soul Musaka, the musician died at Mbuya Dorcas Hospital Tuesday evening.

He was 31.

He was pronounced dead upon arrival at the hospital where he was taken by his friends, including Ricardo.

According to a doctor’s report he had no pulse upon admission and his sugar was high.

One of his handlers, Father Paris, confirmed Jah Love’s death.

“It’s true mukomana abaya, ma1,” he said

Marshall Bimha, popularly known as Wadis, also spoke to H-Metro at the hospital, saying he had lost a brother.

In other news, A self-proclaimed “Time Traveler” Ba Tea has come out claiming in his social media groups how he predicted the death of Soul Jah Love just as he did with Ginimbi.

In a series of letters written to the fallen celebrity, Ba Tea reveals how he finally met Soul Jah Love and they had a “good chat” where the singer “poured his heart out”.

The time traveler also claims he tried to get hold of him but could not get through. He said….Read the full story

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