Danai Gurira and Forest Whitaker to star in ED’s movie


Danai Gurira and Forest Whitaker to star in ED’s movie.

According to the producer, the film is now on its pre-production and will be shot in Zimbabwe beginning of next month. “We are just finalising on the budget and the shootings will begin next month. Danai and Forest will be coming down a week before the shoot. We have Asha Stuart from US, who is a scriptwriter and will be able to help us on research.

Danai Gurira ZIMETROZimbabwe-born United States-based actress Danai Gurira and American actor Forest Whitaker will join local stars for the upcoming documentary, ‘‘The Rise of Emmerson Mnangagwa’’. The film is being produced by Tatenda Gate and directed by Zimbabwe-born United Kingdom-based Kenny Gasa.

‘‘We also have Gunnar Orn, a film cinematographer, who will lead the film team together with Stefania Vignisdottir. The idea of the film is to capture the attention of black people across the globe and young forward thinking youths,” he said.

Forest WhitakerGate said Zimbabweans should be able to tell their own story. “Zimbabwe has a short modern history and so much has happened. Some people don’t even know what Rhodesia was. Our story has never been told and we have to be smart on how we tell the story.

‘‘The feature film is about the fight for independence in Zimbabwe focusing on President Mnangagwa’s journey from his days as a young man, getting involved in anti-colonial politics through his time as a freedom fighter and evolving into a politician leading Government in a new Zimbabwe,” he said. He said the film is inspired by freedom fighters who brought Independence and freedom to Zimbabwe.


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