Cyclone survivors have refused to move into makeshift tents, saying they will be forgotten in there this winter.


They are camped at schools and churches in Ngangu Township, Chimanimani. They are demanding that they be allocated residential stands to pitch the tents while building permanent houses.

The tents pitched opposite Chimanimani Hotel and Chimanimani Country Club remain empty. With schools set to open for a second term next Tuesday, expectations were that people camped at learning institutions would have been relocated elsewhere to free up learning space.

“We are not moving into those tents. No. All we are saying is that we want to be allocated residential stands. If the authorities want us to move into those tents, it will be on condition that they allocate us stands and move the tents to our residential stands,” Mr Shepherd Musikavanhu told the Manica Post.

Mrs Sheila Mwahlupa, who is camped at Ngangu Primary School, said they fear being neglected once they moved into the tents, hence their insistence on being allocated residential stands outside the township.

“We have seen how people can easily be neglected after similar natural disasters. We do not want that to happen to us. They should allocate us residential stands and then pitch the tents on our stands,” she said. The government says it is working on finding a permanent solution.