Current challenges temporary : Cde Muchinguri-Kashiri

The Zanu PF National Chairperson, Cde Oppah Muchinguri-Kashiri has urged Zimbabweans to remain hopeful as the government will continue to put measures that will ease the economic hardships currently prevailing in the country.

During a Manicaland Provincial Council Committee meeting held in Mutare, it was revealed that the country’s economy is gradually growing and it is expected that by next year the economic growth rate will be at 6.8 percent and with full exploration and utilisation of the natural resources, increased fortunes are imminent.

“Our economy is growing and we are now a low middle income country. The economy’s growth rate is expected to reach 6.8 percent, surpassing most sub-Saharian countries. Our country has a strong economy and I want you to be hopeful and not be wavered. We are full of potential as we have not begun to explore many activities to the full potential, for instance mining,” she said.

Politicians were warned against corrupt dealings in land allocations with indications that Manicaland Province is in a chaotic situation as illegal settlers are rampant.

A call was also made for full utilisation of land for the betterment of the economy.

“We are currently seized with a chaotic situation in the province as far as land is concerned. There are double allocations, some own multiple farms and yet they are not fully utilising land. Declare land that was allocated illegally so that it will be given to others,” Manicaland Minister of State for Provincial Affairs, Dr Ellen Gwaradzimba said.

Party leaders were encouraged to be disciplined at all times and to resolve disputes amicably so as to avoid unnecessary divisions.

“We call upon all to be disciplined. Everyone is entitled to their opinions but we should use the right forums to discuss issues. Our President is clear on the new democratic dispensation in which everyone is allowed to give opinions,” Zanu PF Manicaland Provincial Chairperson, Cde Mike Madiro said.

The Provincial Council Committee meeting also assured farmers that they will receive enough fuel and fertiliser for the farming season as the government has managed to secure 100 million litres of fuel and 100 000 tonnes of fertiliser.

It was further revealed that the government through Natpharm will continue to import more drugs to cater for shortages and that an inter-ministerial committee on price monitoring has be activated to ensure industry compliance to laid regulations.



Marry Chiwenga nee Mubaiwa is an ex-model and the wife of Vice President of Zimbabwe, Constantino Chiwenga who is a Retired Commander of the Zimbabwe Defense Forces.


Marry was born in 1983. She is the daughter of Kenny Mubaiwa, who is the Chairman of Dynamos Football Club.She is a mother of 6 children….more here