Home LOCAL NEWS Cross border driver buried secretly – Family hoping he is still alive

Cross border driver buried secretly – Family hoping he is still alive

Cross border driver buried secretly - Family hoping he is still alive

. . .company mum on the incident
. . .wife still waiting for hubby

A SABOT Carriers Private Limited driver was reportedly buried secretly in the Democratic Republic of Congo after succumbing to an unknown ailment.

The man, Dryton Mpofu, had traveled there on duty when he suddenly fell sick and died. It is claimed he was buried a few hours after his death.

Relatives say some people from DRC claimed Mpofu had died of malaria, while others said it was Covid-19 hence the quick burial.

His wife and relatives are still looking for answers as to what really transpired. Contacted for comment, the company, though, George Gwezere, asked for questions on email.

However, a week later they had not responded and Gwezere said he took the issue to the directors, who have not responded as yet. “We forwarded your email to our public relations department and they will get in touch with you,” he said.

Efforts to get a comment from the association of cross border drivers were fruitless as they referred H-Metro from one office to the other.

However, the late Mpofu’s wife (name withheld), is heartbroken and is hoping that her husband will return home one day.

“Ndiri kungoti ndikagara ndongoti ndichavaona vachisvika mumwe musi chete. “They did not explain well to me and my children, we are still in shock.

“I was called pertaining to my husband’s sickness. “I was told it was malaria and later told it was Covid-19.

“They could have explained properly. “After getting sick, I was told he had died and had been buried. “No proper explanation has been given to me until now.”

Added the wife “We were expecting an official from the company to come to us, but they have not come to explain. “Nothing has been promised in the form of compensation or anything, they are just silent.

“It pains me to be reminded of this issue. “My children and I are still in darkness. I am in pain. “He has been working there for 13 years.

Pa compensation havana kumbotaura nezvazvo and havana chavati vataura vakango nyarara.”

A close source who refused to be named said: “We were told kuti mukomana akaparara, but shoko rekuzivisa rufu nekuvigwa harina kumbosiyana ne24 hours.

“I last heard ari paKasumbalesa paborder. “I heard Dryton arwara. “It was said he was having chest problems before he was admitted at Kasumbalesa. “After three days, we heard he has been transferred to Lumumbashi and the next thing, ndakunzwa kuti avigwa.

“Zvikanzi akangosvika day iroro manheru haana kurarama, achibva atovigwa. “So we were surprised that he had been buried and we thought his relatives were aware of it.”

Another source said: “The relatives were notified of the sad development and we were waiting to go and pay our condolences.”

It is alleged that the relatives and the company had not agreed on anything.

“They did not agree on anything, but they were only told of the issue, alluding that it was a directive from the DRC government that all the deaths are considered as Covid-19.

“So the corpse was not supposed to be repatriated to Zimbabwe due to the situation. “They even asked for a report from the doctors, but there was no proper communication.

“It was not properly communicated even if he had died of whatever disease.”

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