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Critics slam Andy Muridzo for blaming Jah Prayzah for his failed music career

Muridzo fails to pay for 'Munondo' Studio sessions

Critics slam Andy Muridzo for blaming Jah Prayzah for his failed music career

Andy Muridzo, the embattled artist, has taken aim at critics, accusing them of blaming Jah Prayzah for his failing music career.

This follows the release of a video clip of the latter criticizing Jah Prayzah and followers of the Military Touch Movement (MTM) on social media.

Andy Muridzo slammed Military Touch Movement (MTM) head Jah Prayzah for being “greedy” on the Denny J program. Andy Muridzo said that Jah Prayzah misled him by promising him a series of collaborations with overseas singers that never materialized.

However, social media users defended Jah Prayzah, accusing Andy Muridzo of ruining his career.

Some of the reactions to Andy Muridzo’s interview are as follows:

I think Andy has a great voice, but his main problem is He lacks order, discipline too many scandals. Focus is divided to women—Dai atodzidza from ana Jah to focus.
Emotional damage 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂…..the guys incompetence is shown by him mentioning another man on his own interview than speaking about his own work
Problem Andy akazoita take take nemahure kupfuura music otherwise anga atori bho #shotreipapo
Andy Muridzo keeps saying Jah Prayzah was sabotaging him the albums aaita under MTM flopped but its been 3 years abuda muMTM macho akazoita maAlbums api which didn’t flop
Responding to critics, Andy Muridzo fired shots at all those saying promiscuity led to his downfall. He went on to brag that he has better assets than most of the people who were criticising him.

“I was asked questions and I answered @zimcelebs . Zvese zvikutaurwa zvechih**e hazvina basa. Just because I don’t post my life doesn’t mean I don’t have it. Parikungofa vamunoti mbinga everytime vanongofa mumota mune bhebhi modii kuzvitaura. I have assets better than mamwe mapenzi akuhukura munomu. Collabo or no collabo vana vangu vanodya vachiguta. My parents are proud of the man I am. Ndovanhu vakakosha paprivate life yangu. Iwe chako teerera music onyarara kana waida oisa like kana usingaide oteerera waunoda not kuswerotisembura nekuti Andy this Andy that vamwe venyu marapwa maSTI’s mangani musinganyare kurotomoka semba yapihwa mabhonzo ehove, kurai mhani ana mbudzi. Nyangwe zvamuchapindura nemiwo. Handidye kumba kwenyu. I do sold out shows ende munotobhadhara chete kupinda saka medzai fridge.”

Meanwhile, Jah Prayzah’s manager Keen Mushaipadze has since slammed Andy Muridzo for dragging Jah Prayzah.

Responding to Andy Muridzo’s claims, raging Keen said Andy never signed an ‘official’ contract with MTM.

😂😂😂 vaane mayears vabuda mu MMT wani in fact ndovekutanga kubuda, by now vangadai vaitawo take the WORLD vega. Big shout out to those who shine in or out of a stable👏
Actually I dare this guy to show the whole world his signed MTM contract. He is the only artist who was in the stable, who’s contract was not signed. Vakangopiwa draft contract Hatina kuzoiona futi takangotanga kuvaonawo mumaphotoshoot nemasong. He was never OFFICIALLY a part of MTM.

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