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COVID-19 UPDATES: 70 Parirenyatwa Hospital Staff Members Test Positive

Parirenyatwa General Hospital a hospital in Harare and is the largest medical centre in Zimbabwe. The hospital was formerly known as the Andrew Fleming Hospital and was named after the principal medical officer to the British South Africa Company.

Parirenyatwa Hospital has announced that 70 staff members have tested positive for the COVID-19 since 9 July 2020 up to date.

This was revealed in a statement that was posted on Twitter by the hospital which also confirmed that 60 COVID-19 patients were admitted at the hospital:


Parirenyatwa Group of Hospitals has the largest COVID-19 Treatment and Care Centre in Zimbabwe with a bed capacity of 425. The hospital management believes that sharing of critical information with staff members is imperative as we fight the COVID-19 pandemic as a team.

The hospital has escalated testing of both staff members and patients in both the Covid-19 Red Zone and the Non-Covid Green Zone. For the period 9 June 2020 when the Centre opened up to 25 July 2020, 60 COVID-19 positive patients have been admitted.

For the period under review, 70 staff members have tested positive for Covid-19, of which, 64 are from the Non-Covid areas while 6 work directly in the Covid Centre.

We have recorded 8 deaths out of the 60 patients who were admitted in the red zone. Of the bodies that were brought in dead, 13 tested positive for Covid-19.


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  1. Resources permitting, all patients should be tested for Covid-19 before admission into the wards. Those who test positive before admission should be admitted directly to the Covid Centre.
  2.  Further to exercising precautions while on duty, staff members should be wary of their conduct at home and in the communities where they live. The rise in community transmissions is indica-tive of the fact that health care workers can potentially transmit the virus from their communities to fellow health care workers, patients and their families.
  3. Improved coordination in the management of Covid at the hospital is urgently required. This is so because there are lots of emerging and evolving issues.