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COVID-19 Update: 5 Cops Test Positive As Zimbabwe Records 7 Deaths

5 ZRP officers have tested positive for COVID-19 on the same day that Zimbabwe recorded the 7th COVID-19 death.

The development was confirmed by the information ministry’s permanent secretary Mangwana who tweeted:

Two Zimbabweans in Namibia have tested positive to #Covid19Zim. Back home, five members of @PoliceZimbabwe have tested positive as well.

This shows how the police are part of the frontline staff vulnerably exposed to risk as they go about their law and order jobs.

The ZRP officers testing positive for COVID-19 coincided with the 7th COVID-19 in the country which was announced by the Ministry which said:

Today (Monday), we regret to report one facility death of a male aged 49 from Bulawayo Province, who tested positive today with a history of travel from South Africa and had no co-morbidities.

As of yesterday, the country has recorded 574 COVID-19 cases and 142 recoveries and 7 deaths.

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