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Coventry launches Zimbabwe Music Strategy

Coventry launches Zimbabwe Music Strategy
Kirsty Leigh Coventry Seward is the current Minister of Youth, Sport, Arts and Recreation in the Cabinet of Zimbabwe as of September 2018. She is a Zimbabwean politician, former Olympic swimmer and world record holder, and the most decorated Olympian from Africa.

Coventry Launches Zimbabwe Music Strategy

Kirsty Coventry, Minister of Youth, Sport, Arts and Recreation, said the Zimbabwe Music Strategy will help promote the arts sector.

Minister Coventry, speaking at the inauguration of the new project yesterday, said the decision was a significant step forward for the local music sector.

“The plan will increase the worth of artists, and the world will be able to recognize the talent of our artists.”

“It is our job to create enabling environments for all of you (artists) to succeed,” said the Minister.

She said this will help to ensure there is a sustainable music industry in the country.

National Arts Council of Zimbabwe director, Nicholas Moyo, said the move seeks to transform the music industry from informal to formal sector.

“We want to ensure that the creative sector, music sector, in particular, is industrialised.

“This Zimbabwe Music Strategy will ensure reliable and profitable harnessing of digital environments for the music sector.

“It will also ensure that music practitioners, and professionals, become part of the people that are in the middle income (group),” Moyo said.

He acknowledged that the music industry was evolving rapidly internationally, with a growing appetite for African music.

Moyo said the strategy will enhance the protection of intellectual property, and related rights, in the music sector.

Moyo said the Government will consider a funding quota for female-led initiatives.

“Another pillar of the strategy is to utilise music as a tool for enhancing the country’s image and harnessing the Zimbabwean diaspora for consumption and investment in the sector,” he said.

Mandla Maseko, the chairperson of Association of Independent Record Companies of South Africa, said there were high hopes the strategy will boost the music industry.

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