Court Confirms Zanu PF Victory In Chikomba


Court Confirms Zanu PF Victory In Chikomba

Electoral Court judge Justice Samuel Kudya on Wednesday threw out independent losing candidate Mr Ngonidzashe Chandiwana petition challenging Zanu-PF candidate Tapiwa Felix Mhona’s victory. Justice Kudya declared Mhona the duly elected member of the National Assembly for the Chikomba Central Constituency.

Chandiwana filed a petition at the Electoral Court citing electoral malpractices, intimidation of voters and violence.

After hearing arguments from the parties involved, Justice Kudya last week dismissed the petition with costs saying the petition is defective. Justice Kudya said Chandiwana did not comply with the rules of the
court because he did not state the full names and addresses of the perpetrators, in violation of Rule 21 (f) of the Electoral Court. Part of Justice Kudya’s ruling reads:

Accordingly , it is ordered that: 1.The electoral petition filed by the petitioner in this case is fatally defective and is of no force and effect for want of compliance with Rule 21(f) and (g) of the Electoral (Application, Appeals and Petitions) Rules, 1995.


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