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Cook-Off Premieres Today

Cook-Off Premieres Today

Zimbabwean romantic comedy, Cook-Off, is set for its premiere today on Netflix. The 2017 production becomes Zimbabwe’s first local film to be transformed into a world spectacle.

Cook Of was co-produced by Joe Njagu and Thomas Brickhill. “We are excited to be custodians of the first Zimbabwean film to feature on Netflix, this is the future and tomorrow (today) is the day everyone has been waiting for,” said Njagu.

Njagu has given credit to his crew for allowing collaborative efforts. “Everyone behind the production is ecstatic and we are seeing this as a way to turn around our local film industry.

“This has also encouraged more collaborations to produce more magic,” he said. Cook Off was listed for Netflix streaming earlier last month before the site picked June 1 for the debut.

The award-winning short film features a single mother, Anesu, whose life takes a twist after her son enters her into a cooking competition where she meets fellow contest-ant who later turned out to be her Mr. Perfect.

Musician Tehn Diamond, South Africa-based actress Tendaishe Chitima, Jesesi Mungoshi, former Studio 263 actress Anne Nhira and singer Kudzai Sevenzo starred in the production.

Poet Chirikure Chirikure and stand-up comedian Michael Kudakwashe also featured in the short film. Other notable short films that made waves locally include Yellow Card, Neria and Lobola.

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