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Conman ‘Teemak’ now in therapy; bishop father to pay off his Ponzi scheme victims

Conman 'Teemak' now in therapy; bishop father to pay off his Ponzi scheme victims

HARARE – A 23-year-old man who duped dozens of Zimbabweans dotted around the globe through a Ponzi scheme is currently undergoing therapy, his sister has said.

Namatai Marygrace Chipunza took to Facebook in the aftermath of news reports exposing the self-proclaimed millionaire Taona Oswald Chipunza – known among socialites as Teemak .

Taona had been believed to be in hiding following the collapse of Maximus Capital and its subsidiary Max Harvest. His sister said he was not on the run but was receiving therapy following a family intervention.

“I’ve had to intervene and take his social media accounts and shut them down for his mental health and also, so that he can focus on working, growing and healing. I’ve even assigned a therapist for him,” Namatai said.

Namatai said Taona’s predicament had left the family distraught but their father – Oliver Chipunza, a bishop at the Apostolic Flame Ministries of Zimbabwe – had called for calm.

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Kukurigo gathers that Chipunza Snr (pictured) has been inundated with enquiries from the scheme’s participants demanding repayment of their initial deposits.

“Bishop Chipunza has said he will see to it that his son repays what is owed. Investors have been assured they will get their initial deposits today or tomorrow,” said a participant identified as TC.

Namatai had earlier sought to use her own life struggles to encourage her brother not to give up on life, saying she had fallen pregnant at 17 before struggling with drug abuse at age 23.

“I was on drugs for at least four months. I remember taking this flight high as a kite. I even remember how l felt, the conversation l had with the passenger that was next to me. l was dating a certain airline owner, who was paying for these flight(s),” she said.

“After l came back from this trip, something happened that made me want to win myself again. l quickly dismissed myself off these drugs. l didn’t go to any rehab centre. l got through this by myself, because my spirit has always been bigger and stronger than any force l might experience on this outer surface.”