A Harare man appeared in court recently for allegedly duping his client in two botched deals involving farming equipment. Walter Godfrey Karonga (35) appeared before Harare magistrate Mr Gideon Ruvetsa charged with fraud.


He was remanded to January 10, 2018 on $200 bail. Prosecutor Mr Sebastian Mutizirwa alleged that in April this year, Karonga heard that Raymond Mutokonya, the complainant, was looking for farming equipment to buy.

Karonga is alleged to have approached Mutokonya and persuaded him to go with him to Kanyemba Farm to view equipment, which he was selling. After viewing and inspecting the equipment, Mutokonya expressed interest in buying a potato ridger and reaper, which Karonga was selling for $4 400.

Further allegations are that Karonga promised to deliver the equipment as soon as he received the full payment. The court heard that Mutokonya transferred $3 200 into Mecha Quip Services Private Limited account, which is Karonga’s company account. Karonga allegedly instructed Mutokonya to transfer the remaining amount into his personal account and he complied.

After receiving the full payment, Karonga took almost a month to deliver the equipment. He eventually delivered some equipment, but it emerged that it was not the same as the one that had been inspected by Mutokonya. As a result, Mutokonya lodged a report with the police.

In June this year, Karonga allegedly duped Mutokonya of $1 800 after he expressed interest in buying a Boom Spray from a local company, Wataka Investments. Allegations are that after Karonga convinced Mutokonya that Wataka Investments was selling good farming equipment, he later on persuaded him to buy a Boom Spray from the company.

Mutokonya subsequently deposited $1 800 into Wataka Investments bank account for the Boom Spray. He was promised that he would receive the piece of equipment in a week’s time. But Karonga allegedly later returned to Wataka Investments and convinced them to refund him his money since Mutokonya was no longer interested in the deal.

The offence came to light when Mutokonya made a follow up with the company. He reported to the police report and nothing was recovered.



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