Confidence for sale says Jackie Ngarande in latest hot pictures


Confidence for sale says Jackie Ngarande in latest hot pictures.

Popular socialite Jackie Ngarande really knows her threads. The model looked totally stunning in her latest pictures she posted on her Instagram account, an ensemble that will have many sliding into her DMs for fashion tips. Whenever she dresses she do it to kill and we are now used to it. So as a weekend like this we decided to share with you her latest pictures and they are a must see.

She has done some good charity work as well. Friends with fellow businesswoman and media personality Pokello. Thes two women have brought so much change in our country in terms of socialising and putting a much nicer picture of our entertainment industry. She is also giving sweet motivating messages as well…

Confidence for sale 💞 Your confidence is intimidating because it reminds the small-minded folk of the world that you can’t be controlled. Know your value (your Divine purpose) and you will never lack confidence.. #Movewithundestanding. Just check her latest hot pictures below…