Conductor pushes passenger off moving kombi


Conductor pushes passenger off moving kombi

A 22-year-old man, who is believed to have pushed a woman from a moving bus intending to kill her, yesterday appeared in court.

Hwindi Found Dead

Dickson Nyamhere pleaded not guilty when he appeared before Harare magistrate Morgan Nemadire charged with attempted murder.

He was remanded in custody to March 4 for trial commencement.

Allegations are that on January 3, Rosemary Mutsure who is the complainant in this matter, was at Hunter bus terminus in Mabvuku where she boarded a bus intending to go to the city centre.

It is the State’s case that the commuter omnibus she boarded turned into Hunyani Street in search of other commuters.

Fearing she could be late then, Mutsure decided to disembark from bus and alerted the accused who was the conductor.

Allegations are that Mutsure stood up and walked towards the conductor who was at the doorway soliciting for clients with the door open.

When the kombi was at Corner Hanyani and Tokwe streets, Nyamhere pushed the complainant outside without saying anything whilst the vehicle was moving.

The complainant fell to the ground onto the tarmac and sustained head injuries, some bruises on her wrist and right leg.

In his defence, the accused claimed that he never pushed the complainant but his driver instead moved the car whilst Mutsure was disembarking from the commuter omnibus hence she slipped and fell.

The court heard that both Nyamhere and his driver took the complainant to the hospital where she was given medical attention and on their way she seemed a little confused as to what transpired.

Whilst the complainant was receiving treatment, the accused decided to go back to work intending to return later to check upon the complainant.

On his return, Nyamhere claimed he was surprised to hear that the complainant was alleging that she was pushed out of a moving car by the conductor intending to kill her which led to the accused’s arrest.

Shelah Mupindu represented the State.

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