Clive Malunga claims he has not had s.e.x for 17 years.

Musician Clive Malunga dared women who claim to have had slept with him after his divorce to come forward. “If there is anyone who can stand in front of the people now saying Clive Malunga is lying, that person can come here and say so, because I have never heard slept with anyone after divorcing with my wife in 2002 up to now.

Clive MalungaClive Malunga claims he quit s.e.x for good in 2002 after divorcing his wife. The 59-year-old says he has been managing without it for close to 17 years. “I quit s.e.x for life in 2002 when I divorced my wife,” he said.

“I will never ever have a …. relationship with anyone in my life, handina, ndakangozvi garira zvangu inini, I am now just praying,” he said.

Malunga, who runs Jenaguru Music, Arts and Culture International Promotion Village in Belvedere, said he was also unlucky in marriage. “I am not married; ruoko rwangu urwu rwakashata (I have bad luck in marriage). “I think the bad luck is because some of these ladies we meet them during our show businesses.

“Later I said to myself, I no longer need to have hassles, I decided to enjoy my life, only taking care of my children, my life, my music.” Malunga said he was also committed with studies and he has no time for ladies. “I am currently doing my Masters in Business Administration (degree) with Great Zimbabwe University.

One of the country’s top musicians and music promoter, Malunga, has decided to go back to school – and he has chosen to study for his Masters in Business Administration with Great Zimbabwe University.

The Nesango hit-maker and award-winning musician, Malunga is enrolled with Great Zimbabwe University through the Open Learning Centre, an affiliate of the University. “It is time for educating our minds than wasting time having s.e.x.” Malunga, however, urged men not to divorce their wives saying it was only him who was unlucky in marriage.

“I think I am unlucky in marriage. To all men, get me correctly here, I am not saying leave your wives, no, but I am just honestly telling you that I have a bit of bad luck in marriage, hence decided to stay single for life with my children.

“So inini handichada, I am now just staying and educating my children who are now respecting me more because they now know that our father is an organised parent and he is a father,” he said.


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