Clashes at AFM Kuwadzana


Clashes at AFM Kuwadzana

KUWADZANA AFM house of prayer yesterday turned into a house of war amid factional fissures.

Clashes at AFM Kuwadzana

Police had to be called in to ensure peace prevails between the two warring factions – one lead by Reverend Cossum Chiangwa and another by Reverend Amon Madawo – as both parties wanted to use Kairos Assembly venue in Kuwadzana Extension at the same time.

The latest development comes as a dent to efforts to try and do away with fissures in the church.

Clashes at AFM Kuwadzana

Congregants aligned to Rev Madawo are said to have appeared at the church in the morning and took the session that was supposed to have been the slot for congregants aligned to Rev Chiangwa.

Pastor Marshal Nyika who leads pro-Rev Chiangwa group said they were surprised to arrive at church where they found congregants aligned to Rev Madawo also wanting to use the church after an indication had been made that Rev Nyika would use the church in the morning while the other group would use the premise from 11:30am.

A leader with Rev Madawo’s group Elder Christopher Chemhuru said he was not a congregant with Kairos Assembly and further questions for him to clarify as the administrator of the church saw him hang up the phone.

Clashes at AFM Kuwadzana

Pastor Nyika yesterday said all went on peacefully when they had to let the Rev Madawo led congregants to first use the premises from 8:30am.

“We were surprised to arrive at the church to find out the other group in the process of starting their service and we notified them of need to let us use the church first but for the sake of progress we let them use the church first.

“There were messages in groups yesterday notifying members from Madawo led congregation to come at 8am and our members also knew we were supposed to use the venue that same time.

Clashes at AFM Kuwadzana

“We should not be fighting so we let them use the church first and we also found police already there and all went on well.

“The Madawo-led congregants had their service under the pastorship of another person who came from somewhere,” said Pastor Nyika.

Elder Chemhuru, who is an administrator with reformist led by Rev Madawo, could not be drawn to the issue.

“Nhai ndopinda kuKairos Assembly here ini? (Am I a congregant at Kairos Assembly?)” he said.

Pressed further to shed light as a leader, he hung up the phone.

However, Rev Tembo said the reformists had to use the church first.

“Information I got is that we (reformist) were supposed to use the church first and that is what happened.

“Pastor Nyika had just declared time while preaching that he and his congregants were supposed to use the church first but that is not how it should be done.

“He declared time. All went on well,” said Rev Tembo.

He said the church members at Kairos had said they would remain with Madawo group but later changed.



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