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City Parking Hikes Fees Again

City Parking Doubles Parking Fees

City Parking has increased street parking tariffs to $50 per hour from the previous $20.

The previous attempt by City Parking on July 2 to hike fees to US$1 per hour or the equivalent in local currency was abandoned after a public outcry.

The new tariffs will be effective from Monday , on the 20th of July 2020.

In a notice on Thursday, City Parking said the latest tariff hike comes after public consultations.

Part of the notice reads:

This notice serves to inform the motoring public that following wide consultations with the motoring public by City of Harare and City Parking on street parking, tariffs in Harare CBD have been adjusted as follows: ZW $50 per hour; ZW$45 per hour on our mobile app (park assist) platform.

Previously City Parking had pegged parking fees at US$1 per hour for on-street parking or the equivalent in Zimbabwean dollars at week’s prevailing auction rate.

This meant that the parking fees were to increase every week for those paying in the local currency.

On Thursday Harare City Council also announced that it was pegging its hospital user fees in foreign currency with those that want to pay in the local currency expected to do so at the prevailing interbank rate.

This effectively means the user fees for those paying in local currency will increase every week as the Zimbabwean dollar has been depreciating against the United States dollar since the forex auction system started.

The move to peg user fees in foreign currency comes after the government’s new development that allowed businesses to charge in US dollars as part of the national COVID-19 lockdown measures.

It is unclear whether the City of Harare got approval from the Ministry of Local Government and National Housing led by July Moyo, to charge hospital fees in United States dollars but it has made it clear that it is going to seek approval to charge some rates in forex.


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