City link Bus driver tackles robber movie style


City link Bus driver tackles robber movie style

A City link bus driver became the hero of the day after grabbing the leg of an alleged robber who was caught red handed with a bag containing about $10 000 as the bus was picking and dropping off passengers in Gweru.

City link Bus driver tackles robber movie style
Sfiso Mapfumo the robber

The robber, who is identified as Sifiso Mapfumo and his accomplice from Bulawayo disembarked from a White Subaru which had no number plates before entering the bus.

The duo had followed the bus from Bulawayo after seeing the driver putting the bag with money into the compartment

An eye-witness confirmed the shocking incident which occurred at around 4:30PM at the stop over used as a pick-up and drop off point by luxury buses passing through Gweru.

“There was a bag suspected to have United States dollars in a small compartment. The robbers driving a white Subaru parked by the side of the bus before one of them disembarked, opened the compartment and grabbed the bag,” said the eye witness on condition of anonymity.

“The driver caught him rugby tackle style. The car sped off and left the driver and the robber wrestling on the ground. The driver shouted ‘thief, thief’, attracting members of the public and passengers who quickly intervened to apprehend the suspect,” said the source. He said the robber was allegedly assaulted before he was handed over to the police.

Acting Midlands province police spokesperson Assistant Inspector Ethel Mukwende confirmed the incident and said are yet to carry out investigations.



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