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City life is biting- First Farai


City life is biting- First Farai

MUSICIAN First Farai says he has retreated to his farm in Chinhoyi as life in the capital city has become unbearable amid Covid-19 restrictions affecting the creative sector.

The Hurudza Express, however, said he has not thrown in the towel in as far as the production of new music goes.

As such, the 43-year-old is tomorrow expected to unveil his 19th album titled Hurudza Haivhunduke Zhizha.

The six track album was recorded at the most sought after Jabulani Ndlovu’s Trutone Studios in the capital.

The songs comprise Chivanhu Hachitizike, Ndachinja Munamato, Vana Muzvina Pembe, Muchengeti, Ndenewe Muhana and Kudanana Neakasviba Moyo.

Speaking to H-Metro ahead of the release of his 19th album, First Farai said conceded that life was tough for most of his peers but he would not give up.

“Life has not been easy for some of us in this sector but we are not giving up since music is part of our calling.

“In my case, I have been spending much of my time at the farm but I never stopped recording when I was free.

“I have also been in touch with my band members and I gave them the greenlight to do other side jobs after exhausting my savings.

“While others are defying lockdown measures by holding illegal shows, I don’t want to be caught on the wrong side of the law because some of us we have a reputation to protect.

“I’m a law-abiding citizen and I will only resume shows when it is safe do so,” he said.

However, The Chinhoyi bred singer said he was departing from the norm is as far as launching his 19th album.

“This time around I will not hold a public launch because of Covid-19 but I will simply push my album through the radio and newspapers.

“We are still working towards ensuring that our music is available online since we are living in the new era where we need to embrace technology.

“We are also living in an era where CD sales are fast becoming irrelevant as people can easily download our music and share with their peers.

“In a way, we are now releasing music for relevance’s sake and I don’t if pirates are also making it since everything has gone digital,” he said.

The burly singer who last recorded Dzinodhonza Ngoro in 2019 said he was also busy with videos.

Besides the forth-coming 19th album, First Farai boasts of a rich catalogue of albums.

These comprise Dzinodhonza released in 2019, Chandengenda – Earthquake, Zvandakuitirai Izvi (2002), Zvipo Netariro (2003), Maximum Voltage (2005), Tiritose Mundima Machinda (2006), Mbanga Mbanga (2007/8), Ngingo Ngingo (2009), Dinga Tinga Experience (2010), Huhwada Experience (2011), Pahasha Love Market (2013) and Mukonon’ono released in 2015.

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