Mubobo exposed: 63 women’s pant!es found at a graveyard


Mubobo exposed: 63 women’s pant!es found at a graveyard.

According to NewsDay, women from the village thronged to identify their missing pant!es before the traditional leaders summoned prophets, madzibaba and traditional healers to identify the suspect behind the mischief which is suspected to be a case of mubobobo. There was chaos in Nzvimbo Village, Chiweshe after 63 pairs of women’s pan_ties were discovered in a graveyard.

PantsChief Makope confirmed the bizarre development to NewsDay telling the publication, Yes, it is true the mysterious incident happened in my area and prophets were called to identify the culprit. So far, I hear Handerson Chiwondo (70) is suspected to have done this act. He will appear in my court soon.

Head for Nzvimbo Village, Doubt Chiwawa told NewsDay. All is not well in our village. Women are baying for Chiwondo’s blood – he is being labelled a witch for allegedly having sex with the women without their consent in a suspected case of mubobobo.

We are waiting for the chief to advise on the way forward, but we hope he acts fast because many women here are very angry. I also fear for the old man’s life is in danger because you never know what anger pushes one into.



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