The Zimbabwe Amalgamated Council of Churches (ZACC), a civil society group made up of church organisations, has called for the removal of illegal sanctions imposed on Zimbabwe by the West.

This comes at a time when the people of Zimbabwe and all Africans, are speaking with one voice against sanctions in the month of October, with October 25 set aside as the SADC Day against Sanctions.

ZACC patron, Jimayi Muduvuri, said it was important for people to unite and pray for the removal of sanctions which have impacted negatively on the political, social, cultural, religious and economic sectors.

Muduvuri, who is also the patron of the Consumer Power in Zimbabwe and chairman of Coalition Against Sanctions, said it was only prayer that could remove the sanctions.

“America has said it’s only a few individuals that have been affected by sanctions but it’s not true. They have affected everyone in Zimbabwe,” he said.

“It’s not the duty of the Government only to advocate the removal of sanctions but all of us. All organisations must unite in the fight against sanctions.

He said the sanctions, which were imposed while the late former president Robert Mugabe was in power, should be removed to give President Mnangagwa a chance.

“President Mnangagwa must be given a chance. We want a new life, a new dispensation and a new chapter that will give us better lives. These sanctions have tormented us for many years.

“Right now our people are being attacked in South Africa. They left this country to look for better life there because the economy is not performing well and now they’re being killed,” said Muduvuri.

He accused some people in the country of imposing sanctions against others through sabotaging the economy and charging exorbitant prices.

Coalition Against Sanctions secretary general Dr Davison Gomo said it was important for people to unite and work towards restoring the dignity of the nation.

“Actions come from the people and not the Government. Let’s work together and make our economy work. Sanctions should go and we must all fight against them.

“Let’s stop joining opposition parties because they’re creating a difficult situation by sabotaging Government’s efforts to turn around the economy,” said Dr Gomo

He said although those who imposed sanctions on Zimbabwe deny it, society has been shattered and families have been disintegrated while ordinary citizens continue to bear the brunt of the ruinous weapons of economic warfare on Zimbabwe.

Zimbabwe has been under economic sanctions for the past two decades but the Government has come up with a raft of measures and policies to cushion the citizenry against the illegal embargo while the SADC region has amplified the anti-sanctions campaign by declaring the 25th of October as Anti-Sanctions Day.

This year’s theme is “Friend to All, Enemy to None: Forging ahead and Enhancing Innovation and Productivity in Adversity of Sanctions”.

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