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Churches annoying residents with loud singing and preaching


Churches annoying residents with loud singing and preaching

HARARE City Council has told churches to stop annoying residents with loud singing and preaching.

In a statement published on its social media platform, the city of Harare authority said: “It has come to our attention that residents are unhappy over noise pollution caused by your churches loud music.

“Residents want you to be considerate and accept that not everyone wants to listen to your music and preaching.

“Church buildings are mandated to have sound proof.

“Singing and preaching in the middle of residential areas is not encouraged.

“There is need to respect the privacy of other residents who want to rest and enjoy home time,” reads the statement.

However, this did not go down well with some church leaders who hit back accusing the City fathers of double standards.

“Noise is seen only when it comes to churches. There are night clubs, bars, beerhalls and wild parties are never mentioned. We need to operate within confines of the law but we also need to look at the problem holistically,” said Apostle Bigboy Kathumba.

“Our churches are centred on praise and worship, pa keyboard pakaipa.

“Which means takutengesera ana Macheso ma keyboards edu ka?” added

Warren Park Church leader Prophet Fodrick.

“This is persecution of the church, sound proof inobva kupi” added one Apostle Machingura.

The statement has been received with mixed feeling as others welcomed the appeal while some questioned the legal basis of the matter.

Grace Mhuru, a resident said she fully supports the Harare City Council statement.

“Vagona ve Kanzuru, unotashaya kuti noise ndeyei, kunge Mwari asinganyatsonzwa zvavari kuimba.

“The noise is just too much especially on Sundays apa church yacho inenge ine vanhu 20 as if they can’t hear each other,” she said.

“We are equally annoyed by lack of refuse collection. Kindly note not everyone needs to see litter and burst sewer pipes everywhere,” said one Tendai Makuyana.

“Pane church iri next to Uplands shop kuWaterfalls along Forbes Road who think they must preach to the whole neighbourhood. Please help @ cohsunshinecity,” one tweet read.

Churches are now operating in full swing following the relaxation of lockdown regulations by the Government.

Church services and religious ceremonies resumed after a long time of combating the deadly virus during the stricter lockdown levels.

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