Home LOCAL NEWS Church turned into market place!

Church turned into market place!

Church turned into market place!

Church turned into a market place!

Pentecostal Apostolic Church of God in-unit L, Chitungwiza has been turned into a food vendor’s market.

Church turned into market place!

Taking the worship house as a safe haven, one of the vendors told H-Metro that police do not visit the premises since it is known for church services and they keep the gate locked at all times.

“We are selling our food here and some vendors also leave their stuff for safety since the police are visible everywhere during this lockdown,” said the vendor refusing to identify self.

“We arranged with church elders to use the premises during this lockdown period only. “I am not sure if they will charge a fee for helping us during this period,” she added.

Resident church leader Pastor Masungo’s mobile phone went unanswered until the time of going to print. Tomatoes and vegetables were displayed inside the closed gate.

In Unit, A people were spotted downing ‘wise waters’ by the bottle store while others were playing card games.

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