Church leaders debate resurrection


Church leaders debate resurrection

Local church leaders have expressed different opinions over the controversial resurrection miracle performed by a South African based church leader Pastor Alph Lukau of Alleluia Ministries.

Church leaders debate resurrection

Videos of the miracle are circulating on social media platforms where the man of cloth purports to raise a man from the ‘dead’.

The ‘resurrected’ man is believed to be a Zimbabwean.

Some leaders have ridiculed the miracle describing it as fake while few endorsed the miracle.

Below are some of the reactions.


“A miracle according to an English dictionary is a supernatural occurrence caused by a divine agent.

“Having said that it is quite critical for one to note that the present-day Pentecostal and charismatic movement leaders are under pressure to come up with microwave miracles which at times are an insult to human intelligence.

“Since time immemorial Christianity has been marked with works of a deity and resulted in masses reception of healings or demons being cast out of people.

“The leaders who have been used in the past to do these miracles were not some sophisticated elite preachers from some movie house; no they were men and women who were very simple and would direct people to God.

“The issue under discussion is very disturbing and it has worked against the testimony of Christ in the sense that people who witnessed it are no longer sure whether miracles are real or all is fake.

“We must be careful that we don’t throw the child away with the bath water.

“The fact that someone tried to stage manage a miracle does not mean miracles no longer exist.

“The so called prophet did not study his script well if I may say, the supposed dead person to begin with was not dressed as is supposed to be done e.g. putting cotton in the nostrils and other openings, his mouth was ajar yet it’s a taboo in African culture to leave the mouth of a deceased person ajar.

“There is no blanket on the coffin as is supposed to be the case.

“A funeral in countries like south Africa cannot be just another event where there is no documentation as in this case.

“Jesus would heal people in the bible and tell them go and show yourself to the high priest, in other words their miracles must be verified.

“The circus and drama around the so called resurrection miracle is absurd. People are not put in coffins wearing shoes more so a Zimbabwean.

“The script writer and the dramatists did not do their homework and rehearsals well.

“The ushers and people close by are not even perturbed to see a dead body coming out of a coffin.

“Fellow Zimbabweans, let’s not be moved by every wind of doctrine and become gullible; let’s interrogate processes and test spirits using the Holy book as a yard stick.

“There are so many voices clamouring for recognition as church leaders seek relevance and prominence by hook or crook.

“The so called miracle is a fallacy, a near credible hypothesis which resides in someone’s active imagination. It is not to be taken seriously as what has transpired as exhibited.

“God is not a circus man; neither does He need to be marketed like funeral policies.

“People are looking for fame and because of our hearts which are no longer sincere as church leaders we want to outdo one another so we come up with all sorts of spiritual gymnastics and acrobatics to boost our church numbers and get famous and it be will be easier to also ask money and people will pay to sponsor the so called man of God.

“It is regrettable for one to be used by God in miracles; there is a price to pay and so people are looking for an easy way out.

“May God help us all. May the people involved in this stage managed event ask God for forgiveness including my countryman who is showing signs of sweat as he comes from the coffin.”


“From that video it is clear to see that Pastor Lukau had stage managed that miracle.

“It’s sad that we have people like Pastor Lukau who put Christianity into disrepute.

“We have genuine men of God who end up being labelled as crooks just because of what Lukau did.

“It is a shame and such things can also make some Christians lose their faith in God thinking all miracles are fake.

“Some would be Christians can easily doubt the religion because of these stage managed acts.

“That so called prophet and his crooks should seek God and repent,” Madzibaba Moses said.


Miracles are real and they do happen here and there. As for this one it has a lot of loopholes which leads one to doubt if it’s genuine or not.

It was going to be great if the evidence seen on the circulating videos was convincing enough that the man was dead before he was presented to the pastor.


It is clear that people are attacking the man of God because they don’t know what really transpired when the incident occurred.

“Personally, I know for a fact that Prophet Lukau is a true man of God, I have testimonies of how he has imparted my ministry as well as my personal life through his anointing.

“He is my spiritual father and I know him personally than all these people who are just busy attacking him, he would never stoop so low by stage managing a miracle.

“When that man was brought to the church, he was already talking and the prophet even said it so I don’t know where all this resurrection issue is coming from,” he said.


“We are living in a time where there is a lot of deception happening; it is unfortunate that we have people who are referred to as men of God whilst they use juju and tricks to deceive God’s people.

“People are surprised by this miracle but this is not the only fake miracle that has happened, a lot of such miracles have been happened even here in our country.

“I can name prophets and pastors who are doing same tricks in this country and I just hope this miracle in question will be a wakeup call to other local pastors and prophets who do such things to desist from doing so.”


“Here in Zimbabwe, we are expecting higher level than what Pastor Alph Lukau has done under the command of his God.

“Raising someone from the dead is not a problem; it shows that he is worshiping the same God who raised Lazarus from dead.

“For the Kingdom of God is not in word, but in power.” 1 Corinthians 4 vs 20

“We serve the living God of miracles, signs and wonders. There is nothing to doubt Pastor Alph Lukau. l really appreciate the calling God upon him.

“That’s the demonstration of real power not preaching enticing empty words.”


“This man didn’t wake up the time he was prayed for, when they were about to get to church that’s when he rose up. The power of the Holy Spirit hit him while he was on his way when he rose up because of the power of the Holy Ghost; simba raMwari rinogona kungobata even people outside the building.

“The prayer performed on the video was a completion.

“There is an issue of the blind people who were told to go and show themselves to the priests, on their way they were hit by the power of God.

“This man rose up upon arriving at church because of the power of God. Prophet Lukau was commanding permanent healing.

“People are taking it the other way because anga akashama but akatomuka avakusvika pachurch, deliverance yemunhu has to be complete.

“I prayed for someone who died over the phone and we had to go and pray for her for complete healing.

“This man rose upon his arrival at church, this is actually a miracle, there are a lot of people who talk negative things, but this is a miracle.”


“How it happened can be debatable but kuti zvinoitika yes God can use anyone for his glory.

“God can do it yes, it’s only kuti zvikaitwa nemumwe munhu asiri pastor vako unogona kuramba.

“Bones of Elisha raised a dead man, so mupenyu can be used.”


“We can’t deny that a man was raised from the dead, simba raMwari rinogona kuonekwa, asi mukuzvicherechedza nekuzviona, zvakaitika apo, ndorinonzi game revanhu vanenge vakatobhadharwa mari dzakanaka.

“That’s what I always say that people should come kumasowe. “People should visit us at the shrines to be helped and if you look at Johanne Masowe, hatiitire vanhu masaramusi, but some of the Pentecostal churches are calling themselves God; in apostolic churches we don’t do that.

“That miracle is pure fake; we don’t deny that the power of God can raise the dead but these days people are paid to stage manage.

“People are paid to do all these things, some are injected to disguise, and people are fooled, in order to raise the names.

“We stand by Johanne Masowe, hatiite magic idzi, I challenge these people to go and heal zvirema!

“People are too desperate, ngavadzikame vaone Mwari vechokwadi. Hapana munhu akamutswa, its fake pakabuda mari. People vanotishora zvavo because we pray under trees, but we do real, miracles. Johanne aiva netsvimbo yaiita mamiracles chaiwo.

“These people are doing too many games, these are no longer churches but they are now industries. We want people to go to heaven, these churches are looking for cash that’s why these tactics, more ministries are coming of which many of them are looking for money.”


“Hakuna izvo ifake ndafamba nyika dzakawanda vanhu vave kuita minana isiri yaMwari kuti vabire vanhu pfuma yavo uye kuti vanhu vawande kudzichurch dzavo; matsotsi ese anyepedzera kufa nearikumumutsa wacho.”