Cholera Outbreak Looms At ” Hondo Yeminda Plot”

A cholera outbreak is looming at a farm that was invaded by ZANU PF apparatchiks at the height of the land grab exercise, it has emerged.

Cholera Outbreak Looms At ” Hondo Yeminda Plot”

MDC Alliance councillor for ward 18 Chiredzi West Constituency yesterday said :”For up to 12 years people in Emanzini (Rutanda) Village and Thandabantu Village have been living without drinking safe water and toilets.This area is owned by small scale farmers who grabbed land from whites during fast track land reform programme.They drink water from canals that irrigate sugarcane.

I was disappointed last week when I visited the place.There are no toilets at the farm.The farm owners drive luxurious cars yet their workers are drinking contaminated water.Some of the farmers are esteemed people in the society, for example Honourable Denford Masiya , MP Chiredzi East.We don’t expect people like him to be inconsiderate.”

As a Councillor I engaged some of them but they were adamant and uncooperative.

We are pleading with the District Administrator together with the Ministry of Health to close such compounds as soon as possible.

Last year one woman died of cholera, ” said Mutubuki.


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